C.A.T. Word of the Week app!

This all started when Michelle Meyer, a C.A.T. teacher, had an idea to share a C.A.T.-related word each week with her students. A "Word of the Week" section was created on the Tech Teachers web site for teachers to enjoy using as well.

All posters are now available to view in this app, along with terms and definitions from the posters. Images used are sourced from public domain. The terms and posters will be updated continuously. If you have any queries, contact matt@techteachers.co.za

How to play
  1. Pick a partner to play with. Player 1 to start.
  2. Look at the character image at the top of the screen.
  3. Player 1 has to guess the term and say out loud what it is.
  4. Player 2 taps the Term button to see if Player 1 is correct.
  5. If Player 1 is correct, he/she must then continue to explain the term.
  6. Player 2 then taps the Explanation button to check.
  7. If Player 1 is incorrect, he/she receives no points. If correct, they receive 2 points.
  8. Player 2 now taps the "Pick another!" button and it is now Player 2's turn.